Startling Poetry: America is a Gun

America is a Gun by Brian Bilston England is a cup of tea. France, a wheel of ripened brie. Greece, a short, squat olive tree. America is a gun.   Brazil is a football on the sand. Argentina, Maradona's hand. Germany, an oompah band. America is a gun.   Holland is a wooden shoe. Hungary, … Continue reading Startling Poetry: America is a Gun

Rule of 7

7 Everyday Things I Couldn't Live Without (aside from food, water, and shelter): A toothbrush Books My computer and Microsoft Word Running hot water (and believe me, I've had to go without it before!) Blue-ink Bic pens & lined paper Drawing paper and pencils My kids and dog, Lovelace 7 of My Favorite Songs: "Demons" … Continue reading Rule of 7